Segerstrom Center for the Arts commemorates 10th anniversary of Disney Musicals in Schools program

Segerstrom Center for the Arts has announced their 2024 Disney Musicals in Schools student share performance, celebrating the remarkable 10th anniversary of the program. This milestone signifies a decade of providing schools across Orange County with the knowledge and expertise to establish and sustain their own on-site musical theater programs.

Disney Musicals in Schools, in collaboration with Disney Theatrical Group, has played a vital role in nurturing the artistic talents of students, unlocking their potential, and promoting teamwork and communication skills. Through the medium of musical theater, students have discovered new dimensions of self-expression and self-confidence, contributing to their personal growth and academic achievements.

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Student performers discover new dimensions of self-expression and self-confidence through the Disney Musicals in Schools program

Since their residencies began in October 2023, participating schools have undertaken a transformative journey as they rehearsed and prepared, delving into the rich storytelling, music and choreography. Participants have not only learned the intricacies of staging a musical but have also discovered new dimensions of self-expression and self-confidence. Teachers and students alike have embraced the creative process, learning valuable lessons in teamwork and communication.

This year’s Disney Musicals in School season will conclude with a Student Share Celebration on Tuesday, March 26 in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. More than 200 students from the participating schools will perform excerpts from The Jungle Book Kids, Finding Nemo Kids, and Frozen Kids, highlighting the incredible journey they have undertaken as part of this transformational program.

Student Share will be hosted by Maria Hall-Brown, a well-regarded journalist, television producer and actor who has been a prominent enthusiast and advocate for arts in Orange County.

According to Segerstrom Center for the Art’s Vice President of Education Talena Mara, “The past few months has been a testament to the resilience, creativity and passion of the students, teachers and administrators involved in the Disney Musicals in Schools program. We have witnessed incredible growth and camaraderie among the participants, and the Student Share celebration will be the perfect platform to not only showcase their achievements but display the impact of a decade of dedicated arts education.”

Segerstrom Center is thrilled that the majority of Orange County schools served by this program since 2014 are continuing the tradition of musical theater on their campus which includes Rea Elementary in Costa Mesa (NMUSD).

For more information on Disney Musicals in Schools at Segerstrom Center for the Arts, go here.


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