School District seeking preschool-aged children for special peer program

Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) is looking for preschool-aged children to participate in their Neighborhood Peer Program.

Here’s a program overview: Students learn side-by-side with their same-aged peers in structured, caring preschool classrooms.

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Courtesy of NMUSD

The program prepares young learners for success in kindergarten, as they participate in small and large group classroom settings and cooperative play activities. The focus of the program is on language and early literacy skills, including phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge.

Additionally, social and emotional independence is fostered through direct teaching and cooperative play.

The costs for the program for four hours a day is as follows:

–Three half-days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), for $200/month

–Five half-days per week (Monday-Friday), for $350/month

–Five half-days per week (Monday-Friday), for $250/month at Pomona Elementary

(Hours vary based on school locations.)

Parents/guardians are invited to participate in a monthly play-based session, which includes a 30- to 40-minute observation of your child’s play, social and language skills, and classroom readiness.

The session includes a circle time, small group activity and free play. For more information, go to, or call 949.889.3669.

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