Rain and lightning hit Monday; with golf planned for the week, what’s expected

Yesterday, rain, thunder and lightning struck Newport Beach and surrounding communities. At 3:20 p.m. all Newport Beach beaches were temporarily closed due to the lightning strikes.

With the Hoag Classic scheduled in town throughout the week, and golfers and lightning certainly not mixing, what does the weather forecast show?

According to Weather.com:

First off, rain was forecasted for Monday, so no one can assume it was a surprise.

Tuesday calls for temps of 65 degrees, with 75% humidity, southern winds of 10 mph and an 11% chance of rain.

Wednesday warms to 67 degrees, 75% humidity, southern winds of 9 mph and rain at an 8% chance.

Thursday also shows 67 degrees, humidity at 73%, south/southwestern winds of 10 mph and the chance of rain at 7%.

Friday has temps at 66 degrees, 71% humidity, southernly winds from 5-10 mph and chance of rain at 7%.

Saturday shows temps of 63 degrees, humidity of 73%, south/southwestern winds of 12 mph and a chance of rain rising to 24%.

Then, on Sunday, temps are 63 degrees, humidity is down to 60%, winds westerly at 20-30 mph and a chance of rain at 13%.


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