Presenting the 10th Graduating Class of the Distinguished Citizen Program

The Distinguished Citizen Program (DCP) graduated their 10th class. The DCP is offered by the non-profit philanthropic organization Newport Beach Foundation as a means to “strengthen the current and future community leadership through education, research and advocacy thereby enhancing the quality of life for all residents and visitors.”

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Courtesy of DCP

The 10th graduating class of the Newport Beach Foundation’s Distinguished Citizen Program

The new graduates are Polina Bilogrudova, Piper Blackband, Devon Brown, Samantha Dalby, Brian Davis, Mick Denner, Scott Easton, Kyle Flagg, Josh Hahne, Ashley Haluck, Brittany Hamilton, Mark Hamilton, Mark Herman, Taylor Jones, Zach Kittleson, Dillon Lane, Emma LeSieur, Samantha Luehrs, Chelsea Marshall, Kelley Maslin, Kristine Moyer, Nikkie Nguyen, Kendra Puryear, Christian Rosene, Alyssa Schneiders, Georgia Sinacori, Jennifer Strong, Shawn Thomas, Laney Tucker, Nicholas VanderNieuwenhof, Ashley Wagschal, Sara Weber, Max Wernher and Shirly Zhou.

The program, spread over five weekday evenings throughout the month of May, included presentations by a number of community leaders and organizations.

To date, the DCP now has more than 300 graduates.

If you are a young professional looking to connect and make a difference in our community, find out more about DCO and future class offerings at


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