Pet of the Week

Stu News Newport is delighted to be working with the Newport Beach Animal Shelter to help get the word out in search of loving homes for pets that deserve a warm, nurturing environment and a place to call “home.”

The shelter is excited to announce that Bella, their charming and lovable mixed-breed dog, is still available for adoption. Despite her many wonderful qualities, Bella continues her journey to find her forever home.

Courtesy of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter

Meet Bella

At almost 5 years old, Bella is a delightful companion who has captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter. She is currently undergoing a weight loss journey, but her spirit remains as bright as ever. Bella adores playing with toys, revels in treats, and thrives in human attention. She also does well with other dogs, making her a wonderful addition to any loving household.

For more information about Bella or the adoption process, contact the Newport Beach Animal Shelter at 949.718.3454, or email to schedule an appointment.

The shelter does require completed application forms for their animals, so simply print one up from their non-profit’s webpage at After it is completed, you can email it to, and upon review, they’ll call you to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, call 949.718.3454.

Also, consider becoming a member of an incredible nonprofit that supports the city’s efforts with providing wonderful opportunities to stray, injured, ill and owner-surrendered domestic pets. Visit


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