OCMA announces relaunch of OCMA Books

The Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) has announced the relaunch of the museum’s acclaimed publishing program. OCMA Books publishes innovative, affordable and limited-edition books, publications and exhibition catalogues that champion the most pioneering artists and thinkers of the present day.

OCMA will start with Why Art Matters: The Bearable Lightness of Being, a book of art and thought which delves deep into the human condition through an in-depth engagement with artworks and artists. The book is divided into short chapters addressing essential, meaningful subjects such as perseverance, the unknown, imperfection and ritual, drawing on a range of artworks to map out different ways to approach the world, while offering insight into how we can bring our best selves to our life and our daily interactions.

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Courtesy of OCMA

OCMA has relaunched its OCMA Books publishing program, leading off with “Why Art Matters: The Bearable Lightness of Being”

“We believe art matters. We believe that through art we find the bearable lightness of being,” said OCMA CEO & Director Heidi Zuckerman.

Join the Why Art Matters community here to get ideas about how to find and then practice the bearable lightness.

Starting next week, every Wednesday morning, OCMA will be sharing a weekly newsletter that will offer moments to reward yourself, slow down and to feel. The more you feel, the more joy will seep into your life. Wake up to the why and get stunning works of art along with actionable ideas about why art matters.

OCMA is located at 3333 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa. For more information, go to https://ocma.art/.


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