Mile events for adults, kids, families and dogs

Forty years ago, three Newport Beach elementary schools introduced Spirit Run as their fundraiser and offered a 5k kids’ dash. This year’s Spirit Run will benefit multiple schools, youth sports programs, and other causes and offer eight competitive races, two casual family events, and a dog mile for human dog duos. This week’s Spirit Run feature focuses on the mile events.

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Photos by Joe Katchka, Katchmoments Photography

2024 Elite Mile start line


Adult mile races are organized by age and anticipated finishing time as follows.

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2024 First Place Female Carina Viljoen in the Elite Mile

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2024 Female Elite Mile Competitors

~The Elite Mile is for adult males who can finish a mile in 4 minutes, 15 seconds or faster; women, in 4 minutes 50 seconds or less. Take your place at the finish line by 8:15 a.m. to watch these elite athletes battle to break the finish line tape.

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2024 First Place Female and Newport Beach resident

Vivien Hyman in the Masters Mile

~The Open/Masters Mile is for adults who can finish a mile in 10 minutes or less. Some competitors barely missed the Elite Mile qualifying times making this also an exciting race to watch.

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Three-time Dog Mile Champions Brian Duff and Axl finishing at Spirit Run 2023

~The Dog Mile is for human dog duos to race, or to jog or walk and finish in 15 minutes. Three-time Spirit Run Dog Mile champions Brian Duff and his dog Axl are returning to defend their title. They plan to finish under 4 minutes, 15 seconds, qualifying them for entry into the Elite Mile.

~The Family Mile is more casual. It is open to individual adults who can jog or walk a mile in 20 minutes.


Spirit Run organizes its mile races by age, and offers the 1/4 and 1/2 mile for its youngest competitors.

~The Youth Mile is separated into three separate age groups including age 7 and 8, age 9 through 14, and age 15 through 17.

~The Dog Mile is also open to children age 13 and older to run or walk with their dogs.

~The 1/2 Mile is for children age 5 and 6.

~The 1/4 Mile is for 4-year-olds, although age 3 may join them.

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2024 First Place Female Noelle Mosey in the 1/4 Mile


The Family Mile is for parents and children to jog or walk together. Through March 15, families with three or more members may save with multi-person pricing. More specifically, in a single transaction, a parent or set of parents may register first and then their children. The third registrant and each additional child save 50% or more off the youth entry fee.

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2024 Swigart Family finish the Family Mile

Dates to Remember

Spirit Run registrants may purchase adult-sized event shirts through February 29. These high-quality long-sleeved shirts feature a clover leaf design and are available in green or white.

Additional event merchandise can be purchased from Spirit Run’s online shop through the month of March. Visit the online shop at

Adult entry fees will increase on March 1 and all entry fees will increase on March 16. Multi-person pricing for families ends March 15. Register now to avoid price increases at


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