Letters to the Editor

From long-time Newport Beach family, mooring issue should be put aside

Newport City Council:

I know the harbor. This mooring fee issue can destroy a valuable and unique quality of my home.

My grandparents bought their first home on the Island in 1960. We still have it. I’ve lived in Newport since 1974, graduated CdM in 1977, sailed the harbor for 45 years, my business has been in Newport Beach since 1993, my kids graduated CdM and our family is in its 5th generation here.

This mooring fee increase is among the worst ideas I’ve seen. If something is passed, in any form, without the concurrence of existing mooring permittees, it will change the nature of the harbor for the worse.

We don’t need Sacramento-style politics here. The best option here is to put aside the vote and work together.

Please do not vote to damage the harbor.

Matt Clabaugh

Newport Beach

A grandfather’s memory

Wes is 18 months. Walking, outrunning parents/grandparents.  “Hi,” “Bye” and a few more words.

Wes and his extended family just returned from a weeklong stay in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

Coeur D’Alene has a lake that is 24 miles long. Near the fancy hotel and a stone’s throw from the movable floating 14th island green is the Coeur D’Alene City Park complete with the Playland Pier Carousel – $2.50 gets you a turn; $5 gets you two turns.

The carousel steeds are black, pinto, white, dapple gray and palomino. Rider’s choice of Starfire, Suzy, War Pony, Firefly, Magic Pony, Hope, Jubilee, etc.

Wes picked War Pony. Gramma Ronnie chaperoned the young horseman for support and reassuring touches. Grandpa watched from the wooden bench and cheered each rotation. At the end, there was a huckleberry ice cream cone which is apparently a special northern Idaho flavor.

Nothing quite compares to the laughter, the joyful squeals, the wide eyes and the utter jubilation of a child’s first ride on a carousel witnessed by doting PaPa and RaRa. Sweet memory. Wes won’t forget it and neither will his grandparents.

Paul Watkins

Newport Beach


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