Letters to the Editor

Former council candidate seeks impetus behind acquisition of property for new police HQ

Why did the City of Newport Beach pay $29.5 million for a property probably worth $22 million in May 2023? I intend to find out!

The City Council wants a new police headquarters. Despite the current headquarters being built on a centrally located site with more than enough room to expand significantly, (some council people) pushed to purchase an overpriced property near the airport that can’t even be used in its current state and will have to be torn down and rebuilt to accommodate the needs of the Police Department.

Why wasn’t this discussed publicly first instead of being decided behind closed doors in executive session? In a challenging market for commercial property, what possessed the city to become a landlord for the foreseeable future? Why would the self-professed “fiscally conservative” (city councilmembers) push such a bad financial decision that will cost the city millions and millions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures?

The rule of thumb is that whenever there is a totally unexplainable financial debacle like this, one should follow the money to get to the answer and that is exactly what I intend to do. Stay tuned!

Tom Miller

Newport Beach

(Tom Miller was a candidate for the District 1 City Council seat in 2022.)


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