Letters to the Editor

Are local attacks a sign of the pending election season?

Those of us who want to think of Newport Beach as a special place to live often get disillusioned around election time when vicious attacks on opponents often come out displayed on fliers and signs which can only be described as disquieting. Evidently there were some unseemly signs in view (this week) in Westcliff that were so bad my neighbor wouldn’t even tell me what they said. And we are not ones to mince words.

I notice the same disturbing attacks on election fliers for the 47th Congressional District which encompasses Newport and surrounding beach cities.

Are we regressing in our humanity? Or do some of us think of this as an innocent game we are playing to see who can be the most offensive? We have everything going for us – wealth, natural beauty, privilege, freedom; so why are some people among us determined to cast a dark shadow over our city?

I, for one, care what others think of Newport Beach.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

Valentine’s Day funny business not funny

Visiting Newport Beach and happened to read your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Is there nothing left that is sacred in this world?

Today is a day that celebrates love and keeps the card, jewelry, flower, candy companies and restaurants in business.

If you’re really not alone, and this mean-spirited article was simply a gratuitous way to get your yuks at someone else’s expense, I hope that special someone in your life can forgive your gross insensitivity or you’ll lose more than just your advertisers.

Jane Casey

Palm Beach, Fla.