Letters to the Editor

Mooring rate increase threatens us all

If you own a house on Lido, Bay, Harbor, Linda or Balboa Island, your enjoyment of the bay is about to change for the worse. In fact, all of Newport should oppose the drastic mooring fee increases proposed by the Harbor Commission.

The issue is a bit complicated, but to sum up, if the arbitrary 600% increase in mooring tax is approved, Sacramento gets involved. Increased taxes for dock owners will be a given, but worse than the huge tax increases, we’ll have politicians from Sacramento jumping into our local politics. You think Newsom won’t smack his lips at beating up a conservative community over housing permit violations?

Every mooring in Newport will become a live aboard, inviting exactly what the commission is trying to avoid with this shallow proposal.

Save Newport; oppose the dock tax increase.

Matt Clabaugh

Balboa Island

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