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Letters to the Editor

New Year’s Day float makes me proud

Congratulations to Gary (Sherwin) and his staff. I’m so proud to come from three generations in our town of Newport.

John Vallely

Newport Beach

Like the Christmas friendliness…wish we could enjoy it year-round

Christmas spirit seemed in full force this year. There were beautiful lights and humorous displays in most neighborhoods, and it seemed like people were so eager to get started, that not long after Thanksgiving the first decorations started appearing. And it would not surprise me to learn that there is some healthy competition over who can put up the most lights in the most original ways.

More than a week after Christmas there are still incredibly beautiful reindeer, decorated outdoor trees and bushes, multiple colors outlining entire houses, huge Santas and many original shapes outlined in color. And I cannot help but think that some of those people were trying to bring pleasure to their neighborhood with their outstanding displays. I, for one, would like to thank them for the joy it brings me. People seemed friendlier than usual too, certainly a gesture that would lift everyone’s spirits year-round.

I am one of those people who can never find where I have parked my car, whether it is in a parking lot at South Coast Plaza or a much smaller lot like Westcliff Plaza. I try to appear nonchalant as I walk up and down each row of cars looking for mine. I could be great distances from my car and still think that I was getting “warm.”

Well, at Westcliff Plaza a few weeks before Christmas, one by one, two kind smiling ladies asked me if I needed some help finding my car. I knew I should never buy a white car, as at least 30% of the cars these days are white. It is probably because of my age that these ladies were so solicitous, but my point is that that has never happened to me before, especially two unrelated ladies about 10 minutes apart. (More than once, I have had to ask Security to help me find my car in various parking lots from Orange to L.A. County and beyond.)

It would be nice to see people be helpful and friendly to each other year-round. I always try to greet someone I pass while on one of my exercise walks around the neighborhood. Because there are so many dogs and dog walkers in neighborhoods in our city, it is always uplifting to me when a stranger smiles or nods when we pass each other on a sidewalk or as is the case in Newport Heights, on the street. Let’s face it folks: In Newport Beach it is not dangerous in broad daylight to acknowledge someone you might almost literally run into during one of your walks.

Drivers seem a little less aggressive during the holidays. It always amazes me how fast cars drive in neighborhoods where kids are present. I think the light displays at night slowed people down but what would it take during the day? Couldn’t we keep this holiday spirit alive year-round?

We certainly have things to be proud of as Newport Beach residents.

Our famous Boat Parade attracts visitors from other counties who come to celebrate in our city and this year, I was surprised to see that we had a beautiful award-winning float which happened also to be the longest float in the Rose Parade.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

Kudos to Gary Sherwin and team

I think we should all give kudos to Gary Sherwin and his team at Visit Newport Beach for making us very proud of the award-winning spectacular float he sent for us to the 2024 Rose Parade.

Debbie Allen Moore

Newport Beach

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