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Letters to the Editor

Scarbrough is authentic

It is not often that there is an authentic council candidate like Nancy Scarbrough to run for office in Newport Beach. By authentic, I mean one who has resided here for years, has raised children who have attended our school system, who has started/managed her own small business, all while attending basically every civic meeting in Newport Beach for many years. None of this was done for personal gain, but to acquire an understanding of citywide affairs, and to get involved in areas of concern where she might be able to help out.

Her intention was not to run for office. However, when several City leaders, impressed by her interest, knowledge and participation in civic matters, asked her to run for city council, she did not let them down.

Nancy possesses project management skills and business experiences which equip her with a valuable perspective and knowledge to tackle serious problems faced by the council. 

Not one to blurt out simple responses or “easy fixes,” Nancy’s serious and thoughtful nature belies someone who thinks carefully before she speaks, and someone who values independence from those who would try to influence her for their own gain.

Nancy will provide a good balance to the council, someone who will bring the interests of her citywide constituents to the table. Residents in the Heights and Cliffhaven who are familiar with her zest for representing citywide concerns look forward to having her on the council. 

VOTE for Nancy Scarbrough to advocate for all of Newport Beach.

Tom Baker

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

Concerns about Blom’s candidacy

I have concerns regarding one candidate running for Newport Beach City Council and want to share them. Candidate (Noah) Blom has repeatedly implied that the Newport Beach police and firefighters are backing him. Even after it was pointed out to him, mailers continue to arrive every few days with the same implied message. I feel that some people will take this implied message without considering that it’s the foundations who are actually promoting Blom and two other candidates, who have hidden agendas that promote development and harbor interests and are not the views of all firefighters and police. These foundations also know that by bringing in Blom, they will again have a majority on the Council to vote for their agenda.

When watching the candidate nights that Blom participated in, I found two statements in particular that caused alarm. When asked about wearing masks during the pandemic, Blom stated that people should be able to do what they wanted and that masks weren’t necessarily needed. These kinds of statements continue to divide us rather than unite us in a common cause to address the problem. 

The other comment came up when asked how we could remediate the traffic problems especially going through Corona del Mar. Blom said he wasn’t in favor of alternative routes because he felt the more traffic the better. It would benefit local businesses. This type of perspective does not address the needs of all residents and the ever-expanding traffic problems.

There’s been a huge campaign against Jeff Herdman, and it seems like an awful lot of money has gone into getting him off the council and getting someone on that will vote with the pro-development group. When I watch the city council meetings it’s pretty obvious that often Jeff is one of the few council members that opposes this group. I value a more balanced council that isn’t prone to running their own agenda through.

It has really helped my perspective on candidates by watching them in action either at the council meetings or candidate nights.

Carol Tomlinson

Newport Beach

Are increases in short-term rentals and the Museum House on Blom’s agenda?

Newport Beach voters need to pay attention and follow the money supporting new council candidate Noah Blom.

After announcing his support for eliminating the cap on short-term vacation rentals and allowing these types of rental properties in every neighborhood of our city, Blom received a maximum donation of $1,200 on September 17th from Jeff Bosson. Bosson is the Mission Viejo-based owner of Sea Breeze Vacation Rentals, a company that specializes in the short-term rental business.   

On the same day, Blom received $500 from Newport Beach Vacation Properties. 

Clearly, these business interests are anticipating a strong return on their investment if Blom is elected and our short-term rental regulations are reduced to allow the massive expansion of vacation properties into your neighborhood.

One may also wonder why Gino Canori, an executive with Related Companies based in the Northern California town of Ross, gave Blom $500 on September 3rd. Perhaps it was because Blom had announced his support for bringing back the high-rise, high-density Museum House Tower. Concerned citizens remember that this project was sponsored by Related. 

Blom is the only candidate running on his support for this project which just shows how out of touch he is with Newport Beach residents. Over 14,000 people signed petitions in just two weeks to reject this high-density high-rise.

Blom claims to be a concerned and active citizen, but he has never been [to my knowledge] active on any neighborhood association, civic issue, or ballot measure. In fact, he has only voted four times in our local elections in the last 16 years.

He is just another empty suit, brought in by special interests to provide a vote for their economic interests.

We don’t need unlimited vacation rentals in every neighborhood, we don’t need the Museum House and we don’t need Noah Blom. Vote for Jeff Herdman, a council member who is independent and represents residents, not out-of-town business interests.

Lawrence Robinson

Newport Beach

Disappointed by lack of character support

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Newport Beach advocating for families and now for seniors. In all things, I know character counts, and that’s more than whether a person uses an occasional swear word. When it comes to local politics affecting our homes, families and communities, a person’s actions speak louder than words. 

I suppose I’ve grown used to being disappointed by Newport Beach politics in recent years but 2020 breaks all records. Why are Mayor Will O’Neill and councilmen Duffy Duffield and Kevin Muldoon supporting Noah Blom, who has had a bench warrant issued against him for nonpayment of child support? These are public officials and fathers who talk about family values. How can they rationalize this endorsement? Elected officials who campaign as examples for the community have no reason to hold up a deadbeat father as a model.   

I have cast my vote for Jeff Herdman because he’s a principled man who, as a former educator like myself, has been a strong advocate for families, residents and local businesses. I respect others’ right to support another candidate but am shocked that “family values” council members would set the bar so low.        

Scott Paulsen

Newport Beach


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