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Letters to the Editor

Negative campaigning doesn’t take away from Blom’s desire to serve

Two years ago, I won re-election onto our Newport Beach City Council despite months of malicious and bruising attacks. I ran on my record as a Council Member and was proud of the work that we had done. In contrast, hit pieces against me flooded mailboxes. Nextdoor became a cesspool of misinformation and outright lies. There was no line uncrossed.

I’m watching the same negative campaign by many of the same people being run against Noah Blom, whose sin is his desire to serve his community further. He already owns a successful restaurant called Arc that many people in our community frequent. 

He and his wife, Marin, are involved with numerous charities in our area, including CHOC, UCI’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, the March of Dimes, the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, OC Food Bank, the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation, and the CdM Foundation, to name a sample.

His stance on issues are laid out on his website, And if you aren’t sold yet, then I encourage you to speak directly to Noah. You will find out immediately that he has a heart for service and a rich familial history in our city. He is charismatic with a positive vision for the Newport Beach where he was raised. 

He is also humble in a way that I found refreshing. To experience that yourself, just read the letters to the editor this past week and contrast Noah’s substantive discussion with his opponent’s negative campaigning. 

Noah’s letter starts by acknowledging that he needed to add the words “associations” to be clear that our Newport Beach Police Association and Newport Beach Fire Association – representing around 200 of our frontline public safety personnel – endorsed him. He was contrite, apologized, and identified the concrete solution to the problem. He did not issue an excuse, even though his campaign manager had died suddenly after a cancer relapse. I am frankly impressed by any candidate these days willing to own mistakes, no matter how minor, and remedy them. That is the kind of person I want to represent me.

Finally, incumbents need to run on their own merits and accomplishments. If they are worth re-electing, then their record should be sufficient to contrast with an opponent. When an incumbent issues such a negative and aggressive release about his opponent, that says a lot more about the incumbent than the challenger.

I’m voting for Noah Blom and I hope that you will too. 

Marshall “Duffy” Duffield, District 3

Newport Beach City Council and former Mayor

Who is the real Noah Blom?

He says he’s a successful restaurateur:

–Court Records prove Blom owes thousands of dollars to         

vendors and suppliers. This was BEFORE COVID-19. (OCS30-2017-00918270)

–Then, he was fined by OC Health inspectors for ignoring capacity limits, [allegedly] refusing to allow employees to wear masks and ignoring social distancing in his restaurants. (CMPD 20-76047/2020-085284, Citation# 041264)

A Devoted Family Man:

–An OC Bench Warrant for his non-payment of child support was issued for non-appearance. (OCSC 12FL103065)

–Filed personal bankruptcy in 2008, not meeting his responsibilities to creditors who trusted him. (CAC 0812584)

Blom has cheated his suppliers, neglected his own responsibility to his child and placed his employees and customers at risk.

On top of that, he hasn’t voted in 14 years (OC Registrar of Voters). Yet, he has the audacity to ask for your vote! 

Blom’s behavior demonstrates a total lack of fiduciary responsibility, personal responsibility, and a reckless disregard for any responsibility!

Newport Beach deserves better representation. 

Newport Beach deserves a public servant with integrity.

Newport Beach residents should demand responsibility and accountability.

Noah Blom is not that man!

Who is Jeff Herdman and what has he been doing? 

–Representing Newport Beach against OC Airport expansion.

–Mediating the conflict over Marine Avenue.

–Reforming local campaign laws.

–Fighting against unrealistic growth like The Museum House.

–Fighting for a better Newport Beach

I am wholeheartedly supporting Jeff Herdman.

I am voting for Jeff Herdman.

I am asking that you do as well, to preserve our Newport Beach.

Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer, ret.

Newport Beach

Scarborough more than just a “nice guy”

Our current District 2 City Councilman, Brad Avery, is a very nice guy. However, Newport Beach is at a crossroads regarding the amount of development and traffic the city will permit, and in this case, “strong advocate” is better than “nice guy.” 

Nancy Scarborough is running against Mr. Avery and will be a passionate advocate of the things I value most for our city: our quality of life and holding back massive new development. She has been a regular at city meetings, standing up for residents and standing firm against overdevelopment. I hope readers will consider voting for her on November 3.

Susan Skinner 

Newport Beach

This is what Jeff has been doing

A new political action committee cropped up in Newport Beach last week, called “Where’s Jeff: No on Herdman for City Council 2020.” 

What a farce! 

As someone who’s very involved in our community, I can tell you exactly where Jeff has been for the past four years. 

–Fighting the expansion of JWA and turning the city’s aviation committee into an efficient and effective entity for the first time ever. 

–Helping promote a public-private partnership so Newport could have its very own animal shelter (FONBAS). 

–Working on water quality, the General Plan update and the homeless crisis, among other issues, and keeping his constituents informed with excellent newsletters.     

–Meeting with residents from across the city to discuss their concerns about development, traffic and the need to preserve the character of our neighborhoods.

One person I have not seen once in the many years I’ve been involved in city affairs is Jeff’s opponent, Noah Blom. I’ve never seen him at a city council or planning commission meeting, an aviation committee meeting, volunteering in any capacity, or attending any kind of citizen-led event. 

So I’d say a better question is, where has Noah been while Jeff was working to make our city better? 

Lynn Swain

Big Canyon

Jeff Herdman is our guy

My husband and I are longtime Newport Beach residents (50+ years). As such we have watched city council members come and go and we have watched the council races get meaner and nastier. Sadly, that seems to apply to the current city council election. Rumor, innuendo and downright lies seem to be the way campaigns are conducted now.

I know Jeff Herdman as a neighbor, as a councilman and as a tireless advocate for improving the impact of John Wayne Airport on the lives of the citizens surrounding the airport. I formerly served as president of AirFair and I was part of the team that helped to negotiate the latest Settlement Agreement. When Jeff was elected to the Council in 2016 he immediately immersed himself in learning all he could about operations at the airport. In my opinion, Councilman Herdman is one of those largely responsible for the current good situation that has evolved at the airport – the recently approved General Aviation Improvement Program. As I learned in my negotiations regarding the Settlement Agreement, there is no such thing as “Winner Takes All” regarding John Wayne Airport – a compromise is always the best and only way. 

Both of us will be voting to re-elect Jeff Herdman to the Newport Beach City Council. We believe he has been an extremely hard-working, dedicated and effective representative.

Melinda & Hall Seely

Newport Beach

Why I am voting twice for our harbor

Prior to his election to city council, Mayor Pro Tem Brad Avery served five years on the city’s Harbor Commission. He has been active around our harbor for decades. He knows the water, the residents, the boaters, and the business owners. He knows the Harbor’s ebbs and flows. And he knows the direction we need to take for protecting and modernizing our Harbor.

Brad helped lead the City’s effort to take back the management of the harbor’s more than 1,000 moorings. Alongside “Duffy” Duffield, he helped lead the effort to create our own Harbor Department. He was also involved with the effort to update Title 17, which is our municipal code’s “rules of the road” for Harbor management. The language of Title 17 was outdated and needed a major revision to meet today’s harbor needs. 

This revision was performed largely by our Harbor Commission which is a group of citizen volunteers dedicated to protecting and maintaining our beautiful harbor.

Brad is the only candidate in his council race to support the language of Measure Z, which is on your ballot. Measure Z was created to safeguard the Harbor Commission under our City’s charter. This will prevent future threats to Newport Harbor from political maneuvering.

Brad knows that a commission of engaged local citizens can best keep Newport’s crown jewel sparkling for generations to come. I’m voting to re-elect Brad Avery. I’m also voting for Title 17. I hope you will too.

Seymour Beek, former Harbor Commissioner

Balboa Island

Some ideas for vetting future candidates

Welcome to politics of the Trump Era. Bravura and dissension on all fronts. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, so I get it. My heroes, however, were those who championed for the little guy, the forgotten, the helpless and those who faced discrimination. Many in my generation elected to go into professions that would serve others. We looked up to leaders who inspired love of country as well as compassion for the less fortunate in the world, just because we had it so good. 

We did not try to use others for our own gain. Much has changed in the world since the 70s and we have as many needy citizens in our country as in other large countries. We have a terrible pandemic, economic disaster and a paucity of leaders who are focused on a national and global rebirth that does not only bring back our economy but provides moral and ethical leadership that we can look up to, that reminds us that we are part of a larger picture, not just an island onto ourselves.

Since I have retired, I have had the opportunity to focus on local leadership as well as that of the state and national levels which have always interested me. For the most part, what I have seen of local leadership over the past 6 or 7 years has been very disappointing. There is a selfish and “me first” attitude that seems to prevail in the city and county. There is no expressed concern about those who are not only homeless but helpless. It did not seem a priority before the pandemic. There is the call by citizens to refuse to perform the simple gesture of wearing a mask, to help others who are more vulnerable. And there are government officials on all levels who encourage this independent but selfish act.

We, with some exceptions at the local level, are not attracting the type of leaders who believe in serving their constituents. They have fixed ideologies that they bring to city government. They focus only on the issues of the city’s prosperity, at the detriment of others such as the homeless, the helpless, traffic issues, zoning issues, etc.

How do we attract the right type of leaders? Number 1, we break up the slate candidates. Number 2, and most importantly right now, we institute a vetting process for those who want to run for public office. 

It is too late for those who are already in office. But, if we had a vetting process in place, we would not have all the problems we have now – the rumors of candidates and officials who by their personal and public actions, display behavior or personal qualities that would prevent them from running for public office. We cannot elect leaders on the cult of personality about whom we know very little. That would solve one problem. But sometimes when you solve one problem, the others fall in line.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach


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