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Letters to the Editor

Former principal rings endorsement of Crane

I had the privilege to work with Carol Crane for seven years during my tenure as Corona Del Mar High School principal. I knew her as an involved parent, an impactful PTA president and as an informed community member. 

Through our work together Carol’s priorities remained consistent and action-driven. Her number one priority was always focused on making decisions that supported students both academically and social-emotionally. She placed attention and resources on enhancing educational initiatives for teachers and championed parental involvement and collaboration to strengthen communication between the school and the community. 

Without a doubt, Carol has the vision, the knowledge and the work ethic to make a positive difference for Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Kathy Scott

Former Corona Del Mar High School Principal, 2013-2020

Don’t let special interests sway your vote

Once again, Newport Beach voters will face a small group of special interests attempting to buy a seat on the city council.

For the past four years, Jeff Herdman has been an independent voice, working hard for residents and listening to all sides before making a decision. He has led on reducing the noise from John Wayne Airport, making our city safe, reducing traffic and protecting residents from poorly thought out development schemes. Most significantly, he has led in efforts for political reform to clean up our city after the California Fair Political Practices Commission found widespread violations of our campaign laws and contribution limits.

The same machine politicians who opposed Jeff’s efforts of reform, have found Noah Blom to run against Jeff in the November election. In nearly eleven years on the city council, I have never met Mr. Blom. [To my knowledge] He never attended a council meeting, community association meeting, civic event or in any other way demonstrated an interest in the city [that I know of] before running for office this year.

You know Mr. Blom is out of touch with our community by the positions he takes. During the September 9th Speak Up Newport candidates forum, he supported expanding short term vacation rentals to every neighborhood in our city. Not surprisingly, on September 17th, he received a maximum donation from an out of town vacation rental business.

Even more bizarre, Blom was the only candidate to support bringing back the high-rise, high-density Museum House project. Perhaps he failed to notice that nearly 14,000 Newport Beach residents signed a petition to oppose this project in a period of only two weeks. He is simply out of touch with our city values and priorities.

Don’t be misled by the well-financed special interest hit pieces that are sure to come. Vote for Jeff Herdman for an independent council member who will represent you, not special interests.

Keith Curry, former Mayor 

Newport Beach 

Being an educator is a plus

It is incomprehensible to me why someone would want to vote for a new candidate that few people know over one who is “tried and true.” I am speaking, of course, about voting for Jeff Herdman. To learn why he is such a valuable member of City Council, one need only go to to appreciate the amazing number of things that Herdman has achieved on Council. 

To imply that being involved in education (in Jeff’s case as an administrator) is a position that would not adequately prepare one for city government is an insult to those of us in education. In truth, there are few fields that could prepare one better for a leadership role than school administration. 

I taught at the secondary level for over 30 years and feel that it was the first half of my career teaching at the junior high level that prepared me most for an understanding of local politics such as I have witnessed since I retired.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach


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