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Campaigns should focus on one’s accomplishments

Several people have been writing or talking about Harley Rouda’s many accomplishments in the two short years he has been in Congress. Usually I would say that the most respected way of running a campaign is to do just that – talk about your accomplishments in office. 

If you are new to public service, talk about your background and your goals. In that way you can keep it positive rather than turning to the denigration of other candidates. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to point out issues in the public’s interest that affect an election that are not positive. 

When you run into a unique candidate like Donald Trump, and now President Trump, for instance, you have to throw some of the traditional rules out the window.

That takes us to Michelle Steel, who is running against Harley in the 48th Congressional District. Coincidentally, at least one of her accomplishments has been tied to President Trump. In 2019 he appointed her as co-chair to one of his advisory commissions.   

In addition to that, her name has been in the news lately in connection with JWA and facial masks for COVID-19 in her role as Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. 

Her political career, however, started in the early 2000s; therefore, there must be a considerable list of positive accomplishments that her associates and followers can tout. So, if they want to promote Steel’s candidacy, let them talk of those accomplishments rather than attacking Harley’s.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach


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