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Letters to the Editor

Is the COVID-19 pandemic a reminder why limitations should be placed at JWA?

In a world that’s been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic I know you and all the supervisors are reviewing decisions made that could have reduced impact on our county, cities, homes and country. The virus slipped in via an infected person. What started in Wuhan, China spread unabated in under three weeks taking lives and ravaging the economy despite U.S. travel restrictions. 

Why am I stating the obvious? Because this board (Orange County Board of Supervisors) circulated a Request for Proposal (RFP) from Fixed Base Operators (FBO) at John Wayne Airport (JWA). I vividly remember sitting in the Hall of Administration chambers in April, May and June 2019 when hundreds of people begged the supervisors to not include an international point of entry outside the main JWA terminal. As you recall, opposition was based on the possibility of a deadly biologic/virus entering our country via an “FBO port of entry.” Over protests from hundreds of citizens and council members from multiple cities, the OC Board of Supervisors voted to include an international port of entry in the RFP. Why? Was it for money? Was it a political favor? I hope not. It’s now abundantly clear this is one of the dangers and consequences posed by an FBO being a point of entry for international arrivals into the US.

It will be years before our local and national economies mend. Tens to hundreds of thousands will die. That’s now inevitable. But you can do what’s right and protect us. You cannot seriously consider allowing international passengers to circumvent the main terminal entry point and come through a private FBO. Entry plans created by FBOs will never adequately safeguard us from what’s happening. The very idea of international flights at JWA is still up for debate but even if it stands, international arrivals must all go through the main terminal where the Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. agencies can enforce stringent screening and uniform protections. An FBO is not the place for customs and border security; it must be in the main terminal if international arrivals are allowed at all.

The horror of this pandemic necessitates uniform and technologically advanced screening of passengers and flights. Having a private FBO as a point of international entry is an invitation to repeat this human and economic devastation. I strongly urge you and the board of supervisors to reconsider your decision allowing an FBO to become a point of entry for international arrivals. Protecting the county and country is your duty. 

Lorian K. Petry

Newport Beach

Let’s close the beaches because home means home

What does stay at home mean? Does it mean go to the Newport beaches? I don’t think so. 

I just read about the situation in Ketchum, Idaho, about the large numbers of people coming into that town trying to get away from where they reside. Ketchum now has one of the highest rates of infection by population in the country. 

I have emailed (Diane) Dixon and the mayor pleading them to close the beaches, with no response. Laguna, Long Beach, LA County and all of the South Bay have closed their beaches; that should set some kind of example to our city council that it is in the best interest of our city’s population to keep people out of the city until this crisis is over. 

Please use your influence and editorials to support “CLOSE THE BEACHES”.  

Donald Keys

59-year resident of Newport Beach

Balboa Peninsula

Numbers and complete precautions are necessary

I want to thank you for your coverage in Stu News Newport of the COVID-19 crisis. The publication of the OC Heath Dept. case data is an important public service. You haåve helped to convince our residents in Newport Beach this is real, and your best defense is stay at home. 

I recommend to my family and friends if they must leave for medical services, supplies, take-out food or other emergencies, take all the precautions of wipes, mask, hand washing.

Also clothes off (in the) garage or outside the residence, clothes immediately in the washer, shoes disinfected and a shower.    

I especially appreciate your strong recommendation to young people they need to be patient and stay home. 

This is going to be a marathon through April at least. When OC case numbers start to level, people will want to get back to normal. I do not see this happening soon. We need a vaccination before we can let our guard down. Recovery will be hard, and we all need to do our part. As Governor Cuomo said the other day at his daily news conference, we need unity and stamina.

Ron Rubino



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