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Newport Beach

Letter to the Editor

What’s it going to take to close our beaches?

How many more local cases of coronavirus is it going to take for the City of Newport Beach to close all remaining beaches that are open, lots adjacent to parks and trails, and the parking lot at the Peninsula Fun Zone?

As of Tuesday, March 31, Newport was second only to Irvine in the number of cases overall, but Irvine has more than three times the population. And also, Newport Beach was second only to Laguna with more cases per thousand of population. Costa Mesa with a population of more than 115,000 had less than four times the number of coronavirus cases as Newport Beach.

Because of the public service that Stu News is providing citizens twice weekly with these statistics, we are able to keep track of the coronavirus case numbers and to question unusual discrepancies that we see.

Being in the top two cities in both categories, highest overall and most cases per thousand, are not statistics that city government in Newport Beach should take lightly. I would say that it is not flattering for our public image and might reflect bad decision-making on behalf of the City leaders.

As a comparison, my nephew, who lives in Manhattan Beach where I grew up, says that all beaches in the South Bay are closed, including all parking adjacent to the beaches and trails.

Let’s hope that the same restrictions are soon applied in Newport Beach.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach


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