Letter to the Editor

Should trees be removed at Ensign boundary for parking easement?

The words that were spoken at Tuesday’s Newport Mesa School Board meeting were reminiscent of the Nazi left-wing socialists’ way of thinking that creates a stateless, classless society that ultimately takes away the power from the people. 

Disturbingly enough and leading the charge for tearing out the magnificent mature trees and installing a parking lot was Superintendent Navarro, who used such terms as, “When we mobilize” (destroy the trees), “Create higher fences” (much like concentration camps) and “Tagging trees” (Tattooing each tree for termination).

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Courtesy of Peggy Palmer

The irony is that no one has seen the plans or specifications for the project nor were they available at the meeting; however, the majority of the board voted for the project, much like Pelosi’s infamous health care remark, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it...” 

The NMUSD did not even consider alternatives for this devastating project, which could simply be to remove the chokers along Cliff Drive and build a reduced drop-off without impacting the trees; this would also save the taxpayer’s money, but saving money is obviously not in the school district’s vocabulary. 

Perhaps, NMUSD, the City of Newport Beach and the Newport Beach Police Department should work together and close the gap. Ironically, the proposed “ghost” plan has failed to even seek building permits from the City of Newport Beach, because as Navarro stated, their department follows different rules.

The same night, Bernie Sanders won in New Hampshire; socialism is impossible because it lacks the necessary information to perform. The Supervisors’ and Board Members’ socialistic performance failed on Tuesday night as well. 

Peggy V. Palmer

Newport Beach