Letter to the Editor

Coastal Commission doesn’t cave in to developer wants

Finally, an exciting victory for those of us who believe in public access to the California Coast! 

At a December 12th meeting, the California Coastal Commission played hardball with a developer in Santa Monica who attempted to skirt the edict of the CCC; he/she had promised to build a resort hotel that included affordable rooms to replace the two affordable hotels that had been knocked down.

In a series of defiant moves, after not keeping its promise to the CCC, the developer had the audacity to sue the Coastal Commission for refusing to grant him an “after the fact“ permit. 

Too often when I visited CCC hearings in the past I was dismayed to see the commissioners acquiescing to the demands of wealthy developers, homeowners and cities. Hopefully, this opens a new chapter – the Coastal Commission’s rededication to protecting the general public’s access to the coast. 

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach