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Letter to the Editor:

Helping those in need

It is so inspiring to see the homelessness issue being addressed in a compassionate manner. There have been several letters in our local news sources lately that have talked of the need to address this urgent problem. 

Costa Mesa, under the leadership of Mayor Katrina Foley, is one of the cities that has taken the lead in providing assistance to those in need. She has spearheaded a movement that is providing short-term and long-term solutions with public and private donations. 

Susan Meyer wrote a very interesting letter recently in which she talks about in detail, all that the city is doing to help those who are helpless.

When I moved to Newport Beach in the 70s, I remember being so impressed with the services that Share Our Selves provided for the needy. The organization was founded in 1970 and has been providing food, emergency financial assistance, case management and legal aid ever since. Hopefully in the future, other cities will follow suit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Orange County’s Golden Coast, known as the playground of the rich and famous, also became known as a progressive leader in the fight to end homelessness?

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

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