Letter to the Editor:

Disheartened...but positive takeaways from City Council

I attended the city council meeting [Tuesday] night and was so disheartened that despite the urging of five speakers, the presentation of a letter signed by 50 residents, and the generous sacrifice offered by council member Joy Brenner to give up her seat to Jeff Herdman, that the council would not budge in their decision to not put the member of the council most concerned about election campaign reform on the important Election Reform Committee: Jeff Herdman. In making their decision, were they thinking of themselves or the welfare of the residents of Newport Beach whom they serve?

Rather than dwell further on the negative aspect of this decision, I would like to comment on some positive observations that I made last night: 1. (already mentioned) Joy Brenner’s offer to give up her seat on the Reform Committee to Jeff, 2. Brad Avery’s charitable explanation that he would take his role on the Committee very seriously, and 3. Most importantly, the sincere warmth, openness, and obvious candor with which both Council members Jeff Herdman and Joy Brenner connect with their audience in addition to their fellow Council members.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

Enough is enough with airport issues

Hello. I have a home on Balboa Peninsula Point near the Balboa Pier that has decreased in enjoyment value (and in monetary value for all I know) due to increasing airport noise and pollution. I am very concerned about the course that JWA is taking. I have attended a myriad of meetings, town halls and on and on. I feel as if none of these efforts are making an impact and this is sad and frustrating. Since implementation of NextGen my neighborhood has been seriously impacted by noise and pollution. The planes are now concentrated whereas they used to fan and share the “pain.” There is a continuous stream of jet traffic.

Guests from out of town actually make comments related to the plane noise. When we have to pause our conversation they say things like, “Wow does that noise drive you batty? I don’t remember it from our past visits?” This is a very horrible common theme.

I also have a young child who I worry must be affected by the pollution. I see a fine mist of black dust on my white outdoor furniture that was not in evidence before. What of her developing lungs?

The only relief we currently have is the nighttime curfew and the daily cap, which I understand are now both in jeopardy because of the proposed General Aviation Improvement Program. I get it that money and making more of it drives things. But at what point do negative impacts on real people take a front rather than a distant back seat in the discussions?

Passage of the General Aviation Improvement Program will greatly exacerbate what we are presently enduring and further endanger our health and general wellbeing. Please take this into account when voting on the proposed GAIP yet this month. Thank you for your time and attention.

Brigid O’Connor

Newport Beach