Letter to the Editor:

What are power densities doing to our health?

Recently, I metered very low radio frequency field radiation (RFFR) of 0.0 µW/m2 (micro watts per square meter rounded) in Cameo Shores and Belmont Shores (Long Beach), each within several hundred yards of the ocean. In essence, these are pristine RFFR areas compared to inland areas where the lowest power densities begin at about 400 µW/m2 and may exceed 10,000 µW/m2 or more near cell phone base stations. If 5G is added to these areas, you may rest assured that power densities will increase dramatically. Thus, I urge community residents to gain more information on present power densities, the relationship of RFFR to human health, and the increase of RFFR when 5G is added. I have informed the California Coastal Commission of these results and received no response. The starting point for understanding RFFR better is purchasing an RFFR far-field meter to assess your environment.

My research experience with RFFR from wireless devices includes:

–Research publishing (1) commencing October 2014 and (2) “United States Congressional Research and Legislative Proposals to Educate the American People About the Power Density Safety of Wireless Communications (µW/m2)” (IJAR, January 2018). The latter peer-reviewed article provides medical research evidence of 28 symptoms and illnesses associated with RFFR including anxiety, depression and stress, cancer, damage to DNA strands, damage to sperm and electromagnetic hypersensitivity, etc., all of which support the Bolen Rome Lab Air Force Report reporting adverse health consequences from RFFR published in 1994.

–Additional research writing letters to two cabinet secretaries dated 1.8.2019 expressing in part my concern regarding mental disabilities claimed by high school and college students from anxiety, depression and stress, resulting in longer testing times and private testing rooms.

–Conducting home electromagnetic field inspections for magnetic (current) and electric fields (voltage), RFFR, and dirty electricity (harmonics of 60 cycle AC electricity).      

Herman Kelting

Las Vegas, Nev.