Letter to the Editor:

Interesting decisions await General Plan committee selection

It sure is going to be interesting to see who the additional two people on the General Plan Steering Committee will be.

Many of us in the community are pleased with the Council for listening to
concerned residents who were not happy about two of the choices of the original group selected; they had been active participants in creating a prior plan which was resoundingly defeated by the voters.

The Council listened to the speakers, read their correspondence and they responded in a very positive manner by adding those two new openings to the SC.

Applicants can apply at the City right now and their names will be added to the prior list. The open period for applying is only one week, so you must hurry.

Once again we wait to see if the Council will fulfill its pledge to be totally transparent and inclusive in their decisions. (Not to be naughty, but I wish that I received a thousand dollars for every time I read or heard the word transparent in the last two months. I would be a billionaire!)

There are several people on the candidate’s list that would provide the type of openness and general knowledge that we should be seeking.

Initially, many letters were sent to the Council to promote the inclusion of Tim Stoaks to the SC. People are happy about his positive and friendly nature as well as his vast experience in city government. Also at the council meeting last evening (Tuesday, February 26), additional letters were sent promoting Tim, and also championing the selection of another well-known and active community member, Jim Mosher.

His vast knowledge of everything pertaining to city government makes him, as one writer expressed, a “no-brainer” choice for SC.

So please stay tuned, pick up an application if you are interested and cross your fingers that the Council gets the committee right this time.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach