Letter to the Editor:

It’s our turn to support the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard has had a permanent station here in Newport since the beginning of World War II. Needless to say they have saved lives for many members of our yachting community through their rescues and our country through drug interdiction and border patrol operations. Most of this doesn’t make the papers, but should.

Now it’s our turn. The government’s ‘partial shutdown’ has left them with empty paychecks. That means that paying rent in one of the more expensive housing markets in the country is tough even in normal times; now things are far from normal and these friends of ours could use your help.

Please consider donating whatever you can (cash, gift cards, goods, etc.) to the USCG Chief Petty Officers Association Fund. The CPOA [California Peace Officers Association] leadership will disburse donations based on need (regardless of rank).

Send your donation to the USCG CPOA Fund by mailing or dropping off at the USCG base, 1911 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92625 (next to the Sheriff’s office and BYC).

Let’s show our appreciation for all their service.

Mike Smith

Corona del Mar