Letter to the Editor:

Let’s protect what we have

Deluged by political flyers for the upcoming November elections? Confused by too many details from each of the new candidates? Frustrated by the incumbents’ years of voting, driven by outside big monied interests and not by the welfare and needs of city residents? How does one sort it all out before marking ballot choices this November? I have a single suggestion that will help

Keep in mind “deep grassroots” when making your selections. Three of the four on the Team of Four moved to this city just before running for city council. They have voted as a block during their terms. One has spent years intimately involved with the city of Irvine’s insatiable appetite for high rise development. A drive down Jamboree is a heart-wrenching reminder of his prior interests. A second member also arrived from Irvine with a commitment to high powered PAC-funded interests and personal ambition. A third arrived from Pasadena. Only one member of the team is a real local, forever dedicated to the quality of life on the harbor – if it will improve his boat business. 

Are these four dedicated to short and long-term goals of the community? Presently there is little doubt about where their loyalties lie. Their shallow grassroot concerns focus on the green of money rather than the deep natural grassroots of what is left in the city, needing protection and preservation.

The challengers, Joy Brenner, Tim Stoaks and Roy Englebrecht, have deep roots in the Newport Beach community. They have lived here for decades. Their children attended local schools. They have dedicated years to community service, to starting up community organizations, to challenging airport noise. They have been green-focused on the health and welfare of local citizens and on saving what is left of public city land for the public now and for the future. 

If you lack time to follow up on past and present decisions of current incumbents, you might want to visit a website reflecting the challengers’ values, (“Still Protecting Our Newport”). Click on “About” at the top. Here you will note values that Joy, Roy, and Tim support. This website reflects the long historical record of volunteer community activists dedicated to protecting and preserving Newport Beach for quality living for all city residents – efforts dating back four and five decades. The challengers are eager to leave our gorgeous natural bounty for future generations to enjoy. They do not want to see it sold off for private gain and exclusive pleasure of only those who can afford it. They are eager to take back the city council for its residents. 

So, if an activist rings your doorbell, thank them for volunteering, especially if it’s for the challengers. If you’re irritated by a few political flyers left on your fence or door knob, just remember they are from your neighbors currently “hitting the streets” to bring fresh clean politics of transparency and honesty back to city government.   

If your life is too busy, then visit the entertaining YouTube site of two young watchdogs of local politics at They reveal current shenanigans of self-serving incumbents – in real time. Your optimism will be renewed when they interview the dedicated local challengers bringing fresh sea breezes of creative dedication to community concerns, once the Team of Four is replaced this November. Indeed, “The times, they are a-changin’ ” (Bob Dylan).

See you at the polls this November, too, for Joy, Roy, and Tim.

Sheila Koff

Corona del Mar