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Letters to the Editor

New mayor initiative “would have stricter term limits,” just read between the lines

I’ll say it up front: I want to be able to Elect Our Mayor. I also like term limits. So, when people dissenting from the initiative claimed that the term limits were going to be changed, I took another look. 

The proposed initiative doesn’t change city council term limits. In fact, the proposal says specifically: “This section is not intended to change the limit on consecutive terms for a member of the city council enacted by voters in November 1992.”

Subsequently, in the “Implementation” language, it says: “The enactment of this measure shall not be interpreted or applied to reset or extend the limit on consecutive terms applicable to any person holding office as a member of the city council at the time this measure is approved by voters.”

Any fair reading of the Elect Our Mayor initiative would conclude that 1) the city council term limits remain the same and 2) the current city councilmembers aren’t gaming the system with this change.

The proposed new position of a directly elected mayor would have stricter term limits than city council. The proposed new position would have lifetime term limits, which the city council positions don’t have.

I encourage people to read the language for themselves. It’s amazing what a little education can do to counter false narratives.

Barbara Eusey 

Balboa Island 

What should be done with our pier area? Here are some ideas

My first question is: How is the pier structure holding up? Has an engineer given it a physical and, if not, should this be done to determine this structure’s viability? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It doesn’t make sense or dollars to destroy something that still has plenty of life left. 

Should the building at the end be torn down? Probably. Should it be replaced? If so, why? Aren’t there enough restaurants and stores already? 

Also, what is wrong with the Plaza? As a resident who frequents it regularly, I like the design. Could it use a little refurbishing? Yes, and so could the public bathrooms. 

Would all this work cost $20 million? Not even close. This area, as pointed out by resident George Leslie, is already brimming with visitors, so there will probably be minimal financial gain for our city. 

If you are planning long term, how about investing in electric police and lifeguard vehicles? We all know this area has abundant sunlight. How about installing solar on city property where feasible? 

We all love the look of green grass, but it uses so much water to maintain it and this area is often in a drought. Today, there are pleasing options that require no water. 

I believe that Newport Beach can be a leader in these areas as it has in the past, rather than behind the curve.

Victor Paglia

Newport Beach

We know who trusts the voters

On Tuesday [tonight], the Newport Beach City Council gets to decide whether voters will have a choice. It’s a vote to let the people choose whether we want to directly Elect Our Mayor or leave it in the hands of the City Council to choose this important decision.

This is, of course, the same City Council comprised of people who ran for election and trusted us to make decisions whether they would be good at their current positions.

It’s the same City Council that voted to place a Charter amendment to add the Harbor Commission to the charter in 2020, which passed by 11%.

It’s the same City Council that voted to place a Charter amendment to require voter approval prior to certain debt obligations in 2018, which passed by 60 percentage points.

It’s the same City Council that voted to place a Charter amendment to require five of seven votes of the City Council to propose taxes in 2016, which was passed by 62%.

When voters ask to be trusted – to be involved in the process – we mean it. The only city councilmember who opposed two of the last three charter amendments lost a re-election bid by 20 percentage points. Voters clearly reward those who trust the voters.

Let’s move forward together here. Let’s Elect Our Mayor.

Nanette Vodra

Newport Beach


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