Letter to the Editor

Time to turn the corner and make our nation better

I appreciate your newsletter’s focus on local happenings, particularly the reports from City Hall and the notes on local history. I also respect your readers’ desire to keep the spotlight here at home, but in the light of the several letters published in Tuesday’s news I believe that someone who sees things differently needs to respond.

I know many people in Newport Beach are conservative Republicans who have supported Donald Trump, but there are a lot of us out here who have been alarmed by his actions and have tried to explain our point of view. It all started for me with the chants of “Lock her up” at his campaign rallies. This was not a criminal he was referring to, but a former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, someone who has never been indicted for a crime but has been demonized and reviled by Republicans for years. 

In addition to his delight in the adulation of his crowds, many of us have objected to his mishandling of the pandemic, his weakening of environmental standards, his cozying up to Putin (disputing our own intelligence services about Russia’s attempts to skew our elections), demonizing his enemies and the press, enacting sanctions against states that have opposed him – the list goes on and on. 

Trump takes everything personally and only is president to those who support him unconditionally. To claim that his election has always been disputed and that Democrats have tried to remove him from office since the beginning of his term is not true. Haven’t we had enough lies? See where they lead us? I hope there is no one left that thinks Trump really won the election. Courts in all contested states, even those with leaders that support Trump, have thrown out claims that the election was flawed. 

Joe Biden is the legitimate President-elect. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that fact has and will lead to chaos in this country. You could say that those of us who have always been critical of him could see what was coming. 

Yes, Trump was impeached after he threatened the President of Ukraine that his country would lose U.S. support unless he dug up dirt on Joe Biden and his son. This is on tape, so we know it is true. We also know that Trump called Georgia authorities at least twice, urging them to find votes and declare him the winner. 

To claim that storming the Capitol and attempting to stop legislators from performing their legitimate duties is equivalent with Black Lives Matter protests is also a lie. Yes, there has been property damage, but nothing as dangerous and anti-American as threatening duly elected representatives in the seat of American government. These hooligans were carrying clubs and loaded weapons. What was their aim? President Trump asked them to win back the government for him. He promised to lead them up Pennsylvania Avenue, but that, too, was a lie.

Letters that make excuses for Trump and his radical supporters only serve to perpetuate the misinformation that led to Wednesday’s tragic events. Please, no more lies. Let’s turn the corner and do our best to make this nation a better place for all people. 

Barbara De Groot

Corona del Mar