The numbers add up to another successful Orange County Fair

The 23-day Orange County Fair ended its run on Sunday. Here’s a look at the numbers behind the numbers:

–1,393,482 guests attended.

–40,042 entered the first day that was free between 12 and 3 p.m.

–59,069 children received free admission on Kids Day or were under age 5.

–11,143 members of the military received free admission as did 2,071 first responders.

The numbers add up piglets

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Photos courtesy of OC Fair & Event Center

Piglets born during the Fair draw crowds to Centennial Farm

–Community programs collected 87,300 school supplies, 25.69 tons of food, 82,984 children’s books and 31,069 clothing items for local charities.

–Friends of the Fair welcomed 3,363 guests with special needs for free, including admission rides, gift cards and bus service.

–Flamin’ Hot Cheetos used an entire truckload of crunch treats.

–Nine tons of sugar was used to make cotton candy, candied apples, funnel cakes and deep-friend desserts.

–Enzo’s Pizza tossed four tons of pizza dough.

–Ten Pound Buns dished up more than 7,200 pounds of their sourdough bread with toppings.

The numbers add up donut

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This donut is the perfect sugary, fried food

–15,000 ICEES and 20,000 Hot Dogs on a Stick were sold.

–An entire grove of lemons was used to make Squeezers lemonade.

–29,000 olive oil samples were handed out.

–One couple got married in the “Love is in the Fair” Contest.

–73,000 yards of yarn were used by the Home Arts Craft Table.

–Four tons of clay was used by Muddy’s Studio to make pottery.

–There were 1,600 entries in the culinary arts competitions; $12,490 was paid out to competition winners.

–Garden and floral entries totaled 5,830; winners were paid $13,615.

–257 animals were featured for sale in the Jr. Livestock Auction.

–$279,476 were raised by the 4-H and FFA students in those auctions.

–One calf and 10 piglets were born during the fair in Centennial Farms.

–3,670 postcards were created by guests for veterans through Heroes Hall.

–3,600 balloons were popped at Pitch Burst.

–And, less than 365 days until the opening on July 17 of the 2020 Orange County Fair.

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