Fair Game


Candidates are raising money and did you notice Newport Beach’s “perfect” evening?

Fair Game Tom NewLast week we reported on the bankroll being put together by Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris for her expected 2020 re-election campaign to the tune of some $600,000+.

Our own Mayor, Diane Dixon, led the challengers to Petrie-Norris raising more than $200,000 in the six-month period ending in June.

On the State Senate side, Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley is expected to give incumbent John Moorlach a run for his money in the 37th District. Foley raised some $246,000 in the period compared to Moorlach’s $163,000.

Even more impressive was the third candidate in the race, Democrat challenger Dave Min, a UCI law professor, who has raised some $325,000.

On the local front, no opposition candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for our local city council races. However, that doesn’t stop those planning to potentially run for re-election to add to their coffers.

Will O’Neill took in some $51,000 in contributions, Jeff Herdman nearly $34,000 and Brad Avery sat this round out.

All three are expected to run in 2020.

Potential opposition in these races will probably come as we approach the first of the year.

• • •

Do you live under the flight pattern of John Wayne Airport? If so, you and other Newport Beach residents had to call last Friday evening “perfect.”

Why, you ask?

An unfortunate fire in Irvine at an Edison electrical substation caused a power outage to some 28,000 customers and closed down JWA for flights that evening. The airport remained closed until the next morning at 7 a.m., when, guess what, the plane noise was back.

Oh, but for that one night of bliss!

Fortunately no one was injured in the fire.

• • •

There’s a new celebrity in town. Her name is Cherie. She’s a dog, but not just any dog. She’s a French bulldog. But, not just any French bulldog. She’s a surfing French bulldog. But, not just any surfing French bulldog, she’s a gold medal-winning surfing French bulldog.

She goes by the moniker “Cherie the Surf Dog,” and for good reason. This past weekend she won the Medium Division of the World Dog Surfing Championships at Pacifica State Beach in northern California.

Fair Game Cherie the Surf Dog surfing

And, of course, being a celebrity, Cherie even has her own website at

Amy and Dan Nykolayko are Cherie’s proud owners who live here in Newport Beach.

To let you know how popular our canine friends are, estimates varied that between some 2,000-4,000 spectators were on hand to witness Cherie’s heroics.

Conditions for the day were reported as “ruff.”

Fair Game Cherie the Surf Dog with medals

Photos by Amy Nykolayko

Besides surfing, Cherie is a rescue and one of the spokesdogs for the French Bulldog Rescue Network. She and her “pawrents” have raised thousands of dollars for the nonprofit organization.

• • •

Perhaps you’ve heard that Lynn Selich and I are doing a radio show on KOCI 101.5 called Stu News Sunday. In case you couldn’t figure it out, the show is on Sundays and airs from 11a.m.-noon.

Last Sunday we discussed the airport issue and had as guests Sue Dvorak, from Citizens Against Airport Noise & Pollution, Joe Daichendt, a partner in ACI Jets and Dr. Wade Smith, M.D., a medical oncologist.

The show was videotaped by Barry Friedland from Costa Mesa Brief. You can view the program at

Just remember, I have a face for radio.