Monster “Medieval” Mile challenges Junior Lifeguards, winners announced

The Newport Beach Jr. Lifeguard (NBJG) program, now in its sixth week, held the long-awaited Monster Mile Competition on Thursday, Aug. 1. So, what exactly was it?

Monster Medieval Mile A boys

Monster Medieval Mile A girls

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Photos by Joshua Leith

A Division boys and girls winners

According to Mike Ure, the Lifeguard Training Captain who oversees both the Jr. Guards as well as all lifeguard training, “It is a run/swim, approximately a mile in length back and forth. It’s special because it is themed, with this year’s being a Medieval Castle. Instructors and kids are encouraged to dress up, and we deck out the lifeguard building.”

Monster Medieval Mile B girls

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B Division girls winners

Monster Medieval Mile C boy

Monster Medieval Mile C girls

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C Division boys and girls winners

The race began under Balboa Pier with a run down the shoreline, culminating with the juniors finishing the swim portion back to shore. Parents and well-wishers lined the beach, filled the pier and cheered the guards at the finish line.

The 1,345 junior guards participate in the seven-week Junior Guard program in four different age level divisions. The sessions run Monday through Thursday, with youngsters attending either the morning or afternoon program.

Monster Medieval Mile D boys

Monster Medieval Mile D girls

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D Division boys and girls winners

Here are the top finishers of the Monster Mile by division. Each of the top five finishers received a trophy.

A Division (14-15 years)


First – Mason Hunt, 25:00

Second – Owen Bartlett, 25:52

Third – Ryan Friedman, 26:01

Fourth – Tommy Richardson, 26:16

Fifth – Jackson Bryson, 26:47


First – Jillian Sclom, 27:10

Second – Alexandra Law, 28:13

Third – Maddie Malouf, 29:15

Fourth – Emily Park, 30:36

Fifth – Mia Kelly, 31:35

B Division (12-13 years)


First – Ty Hansberger, 25:45

Second – Dylan Flores, 26:45

Third – Carson Simonson, 27:35

Fourth – Ben Rosing, 27:50

Fifth – Luke Zimmerman, 28:02


First – Ellie Scalzo, 26:17

Second – Emma Lesieur, 30:05

Third – Skye Smith, 30:25

Fourth – Leah Schulman, 30:40

Fifth – Tyra Kitchens, 31:13

C Division (10-11 years)


First – Maddox Johnson, 28:30

Second – Avrum Xagororakis, 28:50

Third – Dash D’Ambrosia, 29:33

Fourth – Roy Ramirez, 29:45

Fifth – Tyler Law, 30:32


First – Ella Olsen, 29:58

Second – Allison Cohen, 30:42

Third – Ruby Scalzo, 31:17

Fourth – Ashley Hunt, 32:13

Fifth – Cliona Gaskin, 32:21

D Division (9 years)


First – Nolan Scott, 32:58

Second – Reese Sprout, 33:40

Third – Austin Cohen, 33:43

Fourth – Tucker Rannala, 34:03

Fifth – Ryan Anthony, 34:23


First – Addison Ting, 34:10

Second – Natalie Ng, 35:16

Third – Dana Le, 36:03

Fourth – Kendall Vandaele, 36:05

Fifth – Rita Laster, 36:30

Monster Medieval Mile girls under pier

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Jr. Guard girls get ready for the competition under Balboa Pier

Congratulations to all the Junior Guards who strived to do their very best in the run-swim. Next Thursday, Aug. 8, the Junior Guard program culminates with graduation taking place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. During the ceremony, graduation certificates and special awards are distributed and Jr. Guards get to celebrate completing the NBJG program.

Monster Medieval Mile running down the shoreline

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The running portion of the Monster Mile

Monster Mile Medeval girls

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Jr. Guard girls go Medieval and don their crowns and tiaras