City launches new online feature to monitor water usage

The City of Newport Beach has launched a new online tool, AquaTrax, for residents and business owners to conveniently track their water usage and water allocation budgets. The system can be accessed at

Customers can use this new tool to track water use daily and by billing period, and receive alerts when leaks are detected or when water use is increasing. The data dashboard also provides comparisons to water use of similarly sized households. 

Customers with digital meters can monitor their daily water use and use by billing period. Customers with traditional, analog meters can view bi-monthly water use until the city has fully upgraded its meters. Newport Beach’s transition to digital meters is well underway, and it is expected that all customers will have digital meters installed by June 2023.

With the introduction of the AquaTrax tool, monitoring water use is easy and convenient. As an added benefit, the data will help residents, business owners and the City comply with state-mandated water reductions currently in place throughout California. 

Newport Beach water customers can access AquaTrax using the same username and password used to pay water bills. Water customers who have not set up online bill pay can still view their water use by visiting