Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Sheep Landscape

Capturing iconic Sheep Landscape

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Artwork by Don Krotee

This transparent watercolor is an imagined landscape by the artist. The foreground pathway traditionally, in many classic landscapes, shows “a way into the painting.” Older remnants of fence posts, line part of the path.  This leads to the middle ground where dark shapes suggest several sheep being herded by a shepherd. Toward the background is an old barn from North Carolina that the artist used as reference. The media is Arches watercolor paper 300# paper.


Don Krotee is a 35-year resident of Newport Beach, a 2000 GPAC member, a Corona del Mar Residents Association member, the founder of the Newport Heights Improvement Association, a board member of SPON and lives in Corona del Mar. He is an architect, sailor and fine artist who has been drawing and painting from an early age. He provides Stu News drawings and paintings from iconic Newport Beach, California and the world. Follow for more art by artist Don Krotee.