Packards International Membership Meet comes to the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

The 59th Annual Packards International Membership Meet will take place on Saturday, May 14 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. This free event that is open to the public will feature 30-40 Concours d’Elegance-quality automobiles ranging from the 1920s through the 1950s. 

Packards 1936 V 12 Convertible

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Photos courtesy of the Packards International Motor Car Club

1936 V-12 Packard Convertible 

The Packard was built by the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit from 1899-1956. It was the leading American luxury automobile at the time, owned by presidents, kings, celebrities and titans of industry throughout the world. Known as the American Rolls Royce, their sales pitch was simple: “Ask the man who owns one.”

Packards 1940 Touring Sedan

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1940 Packard Touring Sedan

Packards continue to attract titans of industry as well as collectors and museums. Packards International Motor Car Club, headquartered in Santa Ana, is a nonprofit social club dedicated to the preservation, promotion and enjoyment of the Packard automobile. The club provides members the information and material they need to maintain their cars, and hosts events, tours and exhibitions to promote the enjoyment of their cars. Members receive the award-winning quarterly magazine, invitations to the annual Membership Meet and National Tour, access to projects and literature, and the ability to join one of their regional clubs. Regions host local events and tours where members can enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Packard enthusiasts.

Packards 1936 Gentleman's Tailback

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1936 Gentleman’s Tailback Packard Speedster

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach is located at 1107 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach.