More than your typical 5K event

Spirit Run is a unique road racing event because it hosts running and walking events for all ages and fitness levels. On the one hand, it presents races for serious runners to compete to win an array of prizes, including a cash prize purse in the Elite Mile. On the other, it holds non-competitive events for casual adult runners and families to jog or walk. In this “spirit,” Spirit Run offers several ways for children, adults and families to complete a 5k.

More than a typical adult 5K pack

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Photos courtesy of Spirit Run

Adult 5K pack at a previous Spirit Run

5K options for children

More than a typical Martinez

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Youth 5K winner 2019 Hector Martinez breaks tape

At other road racing events, children and adults race a single 5K race. To honor young competitors, Spirit Run hosts a separate 5K for them, the Youth 5K. This unique race allows children to compete without adult interference and for a child to break the finish line tape. Visit the Schedule and Maps and the Awards and Results pages at to learn where and when the Youth 5K occurs and how and what prizes children can win.

Spirit Run understands parents might want to accompany their children when they race. Parents or guardians of youth in the Youth 5K may register for the Adult 5K and run with their children in the Youth 5K. However, they must start in the back of the pack and later catch up with their children and they are not eligible to win prizes. No other adults are allowed in the Youth 5K.

More than a typical adult 5K start

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Start of Adult 5K race

5K options for adults

Individual adults choose whether to run or walk a 5K at Spirit Run. They compete in the Adult 5K for prizes, or enjoy the 5K Family Walk. For further details on these 5K events, and when and where they take place, visit the Adult Events and Schedule and Maps pages at

5K options for families

More than a typical Rasmussen

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The Rasmussen family at a previous Spirit Run 5K Family Walk

Spirit Run hosts the 5K Family Walk for infants, grandparents and all ages in between to enjoy together. Fortunately, by participating together, families save on entry fees. Rather than paying the individual entry fee for each family member, a family who registers for the 5K Family Walk pays a single, discounted price. For example, the 5K Family Walk entry fee for a family of five is 40% less than if each member registered separately. For details about the 5K Family Walk and where and when it takes place, visit the Family Events and Schedule and Maps pages at

5K discount

Spirit Run is currently offering a discount on all 5K entries. Use promotional code ATYPICAL at checkout by Sunday, Feb. 6 to save 15%. Registration is available at

Stu News Newport is once again a Media Sponsor of the Spirit Run.