Garbage time includes new recycling carts and changes to collection days

Newport Beach residents will begin receiving new green-lid carts this week that are designed for recycling yard waste, food waste and other biodegradable materials as part of a state-mandated organic waste recycling program that took effect January 1.

The green-lid carts will be delivered by the city’s contractor, CR&R Environmental Services, sometime between February 1 and March 31, accompanied by educational materials explaining how to recycle properly to meet the state’s environmental goals. 

The newly expanded recycling program will utilize three separate carts: a green-lid cart for organic waste recycling, which includes food waste and landscaping waste items; a blue-lid cart for mixed recyclables (cans, metal, glass, paper, plastics); and a black-lid cart (anything not recyclable) for remaining solid waste to be disposed of in landfills. 

An optional two-gallon pail to collect organic materials (food scraps) in the kitchen is also available.

Garbage time recycling carts and pail

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Courtesy of City of Newport Beach

CR&R’s recycling carts and pail for city residents to comply with the state-mandated organic waste recycling program

For other residents’ needs, including those with space constraints, smaller carts will be provided upon request, and for disabled residents, free assistance continues to help place their carts curbside each week. This service is also available to other residents for an additional fee.

The new state law, Senate Bill 1383 requires all California residents and businesses to recycle organic waste, including food waste and green waste, in addition to standard recycling materials. The rules aim to reduce organic waste sent to landfills by 75% by 2025, as a strategy to address climate change and reduce the impacts on landfills. As organic waste decomposes in landfills it emits methane, a highly polluting greenhouse gas. 

Residents can visit to find out when the new carts will arrive in their neighborhood. 

Additionally, some collection days and street sweeping days have also changed to accommodate the expanded recycling program. Residents can visit and for more information on collection day and street sweeping changes. 

As part of the new contract, CR&R is updating its collection routes to provide greater efficiency, cost savings and safety, as well as reducing truck traffic and emissions. As a result, about 14,000 residences will have their collection days changed, beginning in February. 

One final note, residents will also be required to put all materials inside the proper carts. Waste cannot be left in bags or loose on the street.