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Volume 5, Issue 95  |  November 27, 2020

California Coastal Cleanup stops lots of trash from heading into our oceans

During the month of September, 13,400 volunteers picked up some 132,000 pounds of trash from their neighborhoods, local parks and watersheds during this year’s California Coastal Cleanup.

Volunteers made a difference by stopping trash where it starts, before it could travel downstream to pollute our coasts and oceans.

Here’s what they found in the trash picked up – Top 10 (pounds):

1. Cigarette butts: 71,721

2. Food wrappers: 36,403

3. Plastic bottle caps: 13,746

4. Plastic grocery bags: 9,488

5. Metal bottle caps: 9,100

6. Plastic bottles: 10,692

7. Straws and stirrers: 7,972

8. Beverage cans: 7,778

9. Plastic takeout containers: n/a

10. Glass bottles: 7,006

As a sign of the times, masks and gloves were the 12th most common item, at 6,343 pounds.

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