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Initial plea from NBPD for witnesses to April Newport Blvd. fight was successful; however, police believe there are more and need help

On Saturday, April 22 at approximately 1:40 a.m., there was a physical fight that occurred in the parking lot at 3101 Newport Blvd. During the follow-up investigation, detectives learned of a potential witness who they thought could provide additional information.

The witness was described as a “white male wearing a black baseball cap, long-sleeve heather-gray Jack’s Surfboards’ crew-neck sweatshirt and blue jeans.” Police at the time said that the witness was not involved in the fight, but he may have observed the incident as it unfolded, and may be able to provide pertinent information to investigators.

The Newport Beach Police Department at the time was unable to identify the man and asked for the public’s assistance to locate and contact him.

Members of the media and members of the public assisted the NBPD with the search leading to the witness to contact NBPD investigators within hours of the initial release.

However, NBPD investigators believe that there are additional unknown witnesses who saw this physical fight (or the events immediately preceding it), but whom they have not yet been able to contact.

The investigation remains open and ongoing; people with knowledge of any additional witnesses should contact Detective R. Stucken of the Crimes Against Persons Unit at 949.644.3797.

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