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Assemblymember Dixon and Supervisor Foley take steps to assist with State of Emergency 

On Tuesday evening, March 14, California Governor Gavin Newsom added Orange County to the State of Emergency for the severe winter storms after the Board of Supervisors voted to pass a local declaration.

“We have housing foundations and backyards sliding into the Newport Bay resulting from days of torrential rainfall,” said Assemblymember Diane Dixon (R-AD72) from Sacramento. “I appreciate the expediency with which the emergency declarations passed. This will ensure that our local residents have the resources and support needed to respond swiftly to the damage caused by the storms.”

On Sunday, Assemblymember Dixon visited the Newport Beach Dover Shores neighborhood to witness first-hand the damages recent storms have inflicted on homes of her constituents. She recognized Supervisor Katrina Foley’s urgent action to include Orange County in the Governor’s State of Emergency Declaration.

Assemblymember Dixon and backyard slide

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Courtesy of City of Newport Beach

Dover Shores homes affected by recent slide

“It was essential the Orange County Board of Supervisors declare an emergency so the county could be eligible to tap into funding for storm-related response efforts,” said Dixon. “This aid will help those who are experiencing landslides in Newport Beach and impacts elsewhere in the district.”

Crews have been working to stabilize the Dover Shores bluff since the hillside was impacted at the beginning of the month by heavy rains. State support is key to ensuring the bluff is stable and other homes in the neighborhood won’t be in danger. Assemblymember Dixon and State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-SD36) sent a letter to the governor in advance of the Board of Supervisors meeting to show their unified support.

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