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FONBAS near final stage of new facility to find permanent homes for pets in need

By Robyn Grant

Newport Beach City Councilmember and FONBAS board member

Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter (FONBAS) will have a lot to celebrate with the grand opening of a state-of-the-art shelter in late June. The new campus includes a single-story, 1,600-sq.-ft. building with a 750-sq.-ft. kennel to house dogs, cats and other animals, plus parking, two front-yard greeting areas and a secure rear-yard exercise space.

Fonbas near final stage facility SNN 3.10

Click on photo for a larger image

Photos courtesy of FONBAS

A shot of the wonderful new home for pets in Newport Beach looking for a place to call their own. 

This five-year-long project to raise the $3 million to purchase the land and build the new shelter is a truly outstanding example of a public-private partnership funded entirely by animal lovers. With the end of construction in sight, FONBAS has launched a final campaign to finish the job. The result will be a valuable permanent amenity for our great city. 

The real successes are the animals that come to the shelter and find new forever homes.

City Councilmember Erik Weigand, his wife, Krista Weigand, a member of the Newport-Mesa Unified School Board and their kids adopted Mattie to complete their family.

Fonbas near final stage shepherd SNN 3.10

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Every dog needs a home, and Mattie found a good one with the Weigands

Oreo and Sugar, two beautiful bunnies, are the newest members in the household of Finance Committee member Nancy Scarbrough and SPON President Charles Klobe.

Fonbas near final stage bunnies SNN 3.10

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These two bunnies occupy the hearts of Nancy Scarbrough and Charles Klobe

Duff and Libby are part of General Plan Update Committee member Lynn Hackman’s forever family.

Fonbas near final stage two brown dogs SNN 3.10

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Duff and Libby accompany Lynn Hackman everywhere

And Riley, is the new “man” in former City Councilmember Joy Brenner’s life. Riley was brought to the shelter as an abandoned pet in severe neglect.   Thanks to community donations made to FONBAS, the shelter was able to provide Riley with much needed medical care and grooming making him the “joy” of Joy’s life.

Fonbas near final stage white dog

Click on photo for a larger image

Riley is now running the roost at former City Councilmember Joy Brenner’s home

There are many more loving animals, lots of cats and dogs, and sometimes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and reptiles, all available for adoption to forever homes. 

Contact the shelter here and learn more at www.FONBAS.org.

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