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Volume 8, Issue 11  |  February 7, 2023Subscribe

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Regattas and Races…

Regattas and Races

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2023 Super Sabot Saturday – January

January 21

Adult Sabot A Fleet (3 races)

1 Karen Luttrell, BYC, Total 7

2 Scott Finkboner, MBYC, Total 9 

3 Larry Coon, MBYC, Total 9 

4 Susan K. Jennings, BYC/NHYC, Total 9

5 Diane Kent, BYC, Total 13 

6 Matt Foreman, BYC, Total 17

Adult Sabot B Fleet (3 races)

1 Stacey Ware, SSC, Total 5

2 Carol Harmon, BYC, Total 6 

3 Teresa Power, BYC, Total 12 

4 Jeff Descombes, SSC, Total 13

5 Sandra Lindsey, BYC, Total 14

6 Eva Evans, BYC, Total 14

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