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FONBAS gifts City of Newport Beach with new, permanent animal shelter

For the first time in Newport Beach’s history, the city has a permanent municipal animal shelter. 

The City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 29 formally accepted the donation of a newly constructed animal shelter from Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter (FONBAS), a local nonprofit organization. 

FONBAS has spent about five years raising $2.9 million in private donations to purchase property at 20282 Riverside Drive and construct a new animal care and shelter facility. Under the donation agreement, the City of Newport Beach will now manage, operate and maintain the shelter. 

FONBAS gifts renderings 1

FONBAS gifts renderings 2

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Renderings courtesy of City of Newport Beach

Renderings of the new Newport Beach Animal Shelter

“On behalf of the City Council, I’d like to thank FONBAS and all the private donors who contributed to make this new shelter a reality,” said Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon. “This was a tremendous effort and will make a big difference for animals under the city’s care.”

For decades, the city contracted with private companies to provide veterinary care and shelter services for stray and abandoned animals. However, in 2017 the Police Department began managing operations at a temporary shelter at 20302 Riverside Drive. That same year, FONBAS became the officially recognized nonprofit to assist with shelter activities and raise funds for future capital projects.

Following the launch of a successful fundraising drive, FONBAS purchased the Riverside Drive property in April 2020 for $1 million. After raising an additional $1.9 million for construction, FONBAS broke ground on the new shelter in January 2022. The facility is nearing completion, and the city plans to begin operations at the new shelter in early 2023. 

The 1,500-square-foot shelter includes a 750-square-foot kennel, a front-yard greeting area and a rear-yard animal exercise area. 

For more information on shelter operations, visit the NBPD website.

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