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Volume 7, Issue 98  |  December 9, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Observations of the past election 

An important observation was made by a television commentator who was observing election results two weeks ago: Generation Z played a large role in influencing election returns. And that generation, which ranges in age from 10-25, tends to be pragmatic and moderate, while rejecting extremist views and assaults on democracy.

While our recent City Council election did not garner much national attention, there are those of us who will continue to focus on the undemocratic nature of those elections. 

Fortunately, we are experiencing equal access to our local news sources, particularly Stu News and a local edition of a national newspaper. This is essential for democracy.

Attempts to control the media in Newport Beach have not been unheard of,
but fortunately our most active sources (a principal one being Stu News) have featured letters expressing opposing views on key issues.

Concomitantly, it is our responsibility in a democracy to remain informed of pertinent issues, particularly as they pertain to governance.

While we are allowed freedom of speech in our City Council meetings, we want not only the opportunity to speak but the knowledge that our Council is listening to us.

As residents, we want our majority views to be given priority over decisions pertaining to development in our fair city.

While many of us remain unhappy over our Council election results, we must continue our dissent over the repugnant political flyers that plague every election in Newport Beach. As long as we allow our elections to be heavily influenced by these flyers, we are not truly engaging in democracy.

And, as long as we allow non-partisan elections to become political yet deny equal access to all political parties and individuals through the use of slander and threats, we are not following democratic ideals.

This is where the ideals of younger generations, particularly Generation Z,
offer us some hope for the future. In the recent election, where they rejected extremist and negative viewpoints, may they do so also in Newport Beach. And because they championed democratic ideals, pragmatism and moderation, while rejecting polarization, we can hold out some hope for better governance in Newport Beach.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach

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