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Pet of the Week Dog and Cat print

Stu News Newport is delighted to be working with the Newport Beach Animal Shelter to help get the word out in search of loving homes for pets that deserve a warm, nurturing environment and a place to call “home.

Let’s talk golden teddy bears…That’s incredible Angus. What a total love bug. At 2 years in age, one pretty much knows what they are adopting in a dog. Angus is sweet, funny, loves to play, love, relax and hang out. He’s smart, listens, goes along with the program and absolutely shines! He could be your pillow while you’re watching movies and he really pays no mind to other dogs around him. He is an easy-going guy. He’s a shedder, but that absolutely shouldn’t make anyone think twice, because bathing and grooming will definitely be on the to-do list to care for his wonderful fur coat. Angus would also like a yard. He seems to be potty trained to go outside, but that’s also something that any new adopter needs to work on at the beginning stages of adopting and loving a new pup. 

Pet of the Week Angus 1.21 JPG

Courtesy of Newport Beach Animal Shelter

Meet Angus

Staff is available to talk during “normal” business hours, so Angus hopes to see you soon.

The shelter does require completed application forms for their animals, so simply print one up from their non-profit’s webpage at After it is completed, you can email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and upon review, they’ll call you to schedule an appointment. They truly look forward to speaking with you and thank you for sharing in their joys of being the best pet parents ever.

Newport Beach Animal Shelter adoption fees:

–Adult Dogs - $150

–Puppies - $225

–Adult Cats - $90

–Kittens - $110

–Rabbits - $45

Also, consider becoming a member of an incredible nonprofit that supports the city’s efforts with providing wonderful opportunities to stray, injured, ill and owner-surrendered domestic pets.

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