Cannery Village artists to hold open art studios holiday party

The Cannery Village artists are getting into the spirit of the holidays by opening their studios (with three new artists recently) on Friday, Dec. 3 from 4-8 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 4 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Come enjoy small bites, a bit of holiday cheer and meet the talented artists who would love to share their artworks with you. 

Artists participating in the open studio holiday party:

–Janet Bludau

–Carole Akins

–Jan McCarthy

–Deborah Harold

–Linda Wooters

–Ilona Martin

–Marilyn Poliquin

–Wendy Johnson

–Melanie Cooper

–Dana Cooper

Meet some of the artists!

–Janet Bludau: “I strive for abstraction and simplicity with a hint of recognition in my compositions. Lines and shapes are worked until they are pleasing to my eye and articulate the mood I am trying to convey. The interplay of thick paint and textured surfaces, combined with smooth brush strokes is characteristic for my work. I enjoy using my intuition to tweak the painting until I feel pleased with the result.” 

Cannery Village artists Bludau

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Photos courtesy of the Cannery Village artists

Janet Bludau captures “Central Coast Hills” in oil

–Jan McCarthy: “I’m a creator. I make art to autograph moments, the fleeting emotions and undefinable feelings that can only be expressed in imperfect swipes, lines, or ripped pieces of paper. I use my art as a way to connect and share these flashpoints of time that slip away. Every mark I make with a handcrafted brush on one of my canvases, papers or towers, is a unique gesture.”

Cannery Village artists McCarthy

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This handbag is adorned with Jan McCarthy’s art. She will have a limited supply for sale in her studio in addition to her acrylic and collage artwork. Designers use her art on handbags as well as clothing and scarves.

–Deborah Harold: “As an abstract expressionist, I use oils and mixed media to create loose, energetic work. I’m drawn to the imperfect, clumsiness of nature. My hope is that my paintings reflect this imperfection.”

Cannery Village artists Harold

This abstract expressionist work, “Coastal Town” is an oil by Deborah Harold

–Linda Wooters: “I’m drawn to the juxtaposition of patterns and loose brush strokes to create modern impressionistic landscapes. I’m influenced by living near the ocean and observing it’s ever-changing moods.”

Cannery Village artists Wooters

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Linda Wooters’ striking use of color emerges in her acrylic work, “White Wash”

–Carole Akins: “My paintings are candid snapshots of a moment with their striking character, motion and brilliant use of color. The subjects are in a way familiar, a personality one might easily recognize from their own world. My figures and compositions are inspired by the magic of everyday life, and often incorporate fabric, photographs and other mixed media.”

Cannery Village artists Atkins

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One of Carol Akins’ whimsical acrylics, “Mad About Cake”

The Cannery Village artists are located at 416, 418 and 420 31st St., Cannery Village, Newport Beach.