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Volume 6, Issue 61  | July 30, 2021

Newport Harbor YC sailors are big winners of a day on the Bay

Three fleets of the Flight of Newport sailed through Newport Harbor on Sunday afternoon, July 18. 

In the Harbor 20 Fleet, Shana’s Secret earned the top honors with Philip Thompson at the helm, along with Mark Conzelman aboard as crew. The team represented three different yacht clubs, Newport Harbor, Bahia Corinthian and Lido Isle.

Tyler McDonald teamed with Michael Sabourin sailing out of Newport Harbor for second, followed by Jake LaDow with Kayla LaDow and Haley Dahl in third, also from NHYC.

Newport Harbor YC young sailors

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Two young sailors representing NHYC

In the Laser Fleet, Steve Rados from the NHYC finished first, followed by Davis Hanscom in second and Michael Arrigo in third, both also from NHYC.

In the Open Skiff Fleet, Katharine Stone from BCYC crossed the line first, followed by Paige Fallon in another BCYC skiff in second and Nevin & Aila Elliott from the Balboa Yacht Club in third.

Among the day’s other recognitions, in the Laser Fleet, Seymour Beek won the youngest participant award a number of years back, showing longevity is the name of the game; he came back this year to be recognized as the oldest, finishing 17th.

Newport Harbor YC laser fleet

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Enjoying the harbor, while competing in the Laser Fleet

The race was hosted by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Complete results:

Harbor 20 Fleet

1. Philip Thompson/Mark Conzelman, NHYC/BCYC/LIYC

2. Tyler McDonald/Michael Sabourin, NHYC 

3. Jake LaDow/Kayla LaDow/Haley Dahl, NHYC

4. Alex Curtiss/Campbell Moore, NHYC

5. Jack Thompson/Carter Cameron/Kristina Miller, NHYC

6. Brian Bissell/and Friends, NHYC 

7. Kurt Wiese/Diane Knight, NHYC 

8. Charlie Boukather/Nicole Boukather, NHYC

9. Carolyn Smith/Lauren Hampton, NHYC

10. Steve Schupak/Anne Schupak, NHYC

11. Peter Haynes/Debra Haynes, BCYC

12. Don Hause/Randy Hause Jr./and family, NHYC

13. Bayley Davidson/Erin L’Huillier/Gary Davidson, BYC

14. Chuck Simmons/Carley Simmons, BYC

15. Patrick Kincaid/Colin Kincaid, BCYC

16. Ross Watanabe/Hollie Sutherland, UCISA

17. Andrew Tosh/Mike Dalessandro, SBYC

18. Robinson

19. Tom Dessel, BYC

20. Stephen Alfano/Janet Solis, ALYC

21. Bill Brooks/Katie Cannon, NHYC

22. Helen Duncan/Wii & Austin, NHYC

23. Jane Hoffner Horst/Susan Jennings, BYC

24. Argyle Campbell, NHYC

24. Willis Cook/Andrew Person, NHYC

24. Anne Kinney/Jake Reynolds/Reagan Clemens, NHYC

24. Walter Johnson, BYC

24. Terry Duffield/Heidi Hall, NHYC

24. Steven Schock/Ruth Schock, BCYC

Laser Fleet

1. Steve Rados, NHYC 

2. Davis Hanscom, NHYC

3. Michael Arrigo, NHYC

4. Rob Vandervort, BYC

5. Buddy Richley, NHYC

6. Andrew Mather, LIYC

7. Jim Otis, NHYC

8. Matt McKinlay/Madilyn McKinlay, BCYC

9. Lynn Acosta, DPYC 

10. Gator Cook, BYC

11. Philip Gautschi, LIYC

12. Brett Hemphill, BYC

13. Tom Doyle, LIYC

14. Brooke Sharp, LIYC

15. Michelle Fuller Drever, NHYC

16. James Mather, LIYC

17. Seymour Beek, NHYC

18. n/a

19. Linden Acevedo, BIYC

20. Cooper Blackband/Sidney Morales, BIYC

21. Steve Mather LIYC

22. Bennett Zemke/Samantha Hardy, LIYC

23. n/a

24. Jack Leslie, BYC

25. Jack Luttrell/Karen Luttrell, BYC

26. Elizabeth Decker, LIYC

27. Douglas Raff/Beth Raff, BIYC

28. Dave Tingler, LIYC

DNC - Tucker Strasser, DRYC

DNC - Dylan Shaw, BIYC

DNC - Martin Bonsager, BYC

DNC - Bennett Yonkers, BIYC

DNC - Harper Morgan/Campbell Morgan

DNC - Lauren Parrett, LIYC

DNC - Sidney Morales, BIYC

DNC - n/a, BCYC

Open Skiff Fleet

1. Katharine Stone, BCYC

2. Paige Fallon, BCYC

3. Nevin Ellitt/Aila Elliott, BYC

4. Preston Decker, LIYC/BCYC

5. McCall & Katie

6. William McCubbin, BCYC

DNF - Chloe Goodman, BCYC

DNF - Theo Goodman, BCYC

DNC - Allison Schock, BCYC

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