In spite of man overboard, Taniwha still arrives first in Ensenada

The 76th annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race is in the books with sailors enjoying excellent sailing conditions over the three-day event.

Defending ORCA A class and overall champion Taniwha, a 32-foot Ferrier, pulled into the lead by Dana Point Harbor relatively early in the day and then crossed into Mexican waters just after 4 p.m. But on approach to Todos Santos Bay (Ensenada), before dark, a crew member slipped and fell overboard, requiring Taniwha helmsman Peter Melvin to quickly maneuver back to retrieve him. Still, Taniwha continued on racing to claim first to finish with an elapsed time of 10:05:54 but placed second in class to newcomer Bottle Rocket, a Sea Cart 30 in ORCA A.

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Photo by Lisa Bronitt/Courtesy of NOSA

With some quick maneuvering, “Taniwha” finishes first to Ensenada

Bottle Rocket took home three trophies, including the Stein Cross Trophy for best-corrected catamaran and best-corrected ORCA A.

John Raymont’s Fast Exit II a modified Ker52 was the first monohull to finish with an elapsed time of 10:24:08.

Among other awards, Raymont earned the Jack Bailee trophy for the best corrected of a Newport Beach Yacht Club.

Below are the top 30 corrected times:

Corrected Results (top 30)

1 Ohana, SDYC, Corrected Time 12:48:52

Joe Markee, Paul Hogue

2 Sapphire Knight, DRYC, Corrected Time 13:09:22

Phil Friedman

3 Fast Exit II, BYC/SBYC, Corrected Time 13:17:44

John Raymont

4 Freedom, DPYC, Corrected Time 13:21:11

John Taylor

5 Fandango, CRA, Corrected Time 13:22:31

Scott Bennett

6 Double Down, SMWYC, Corrected Time 13:22:39

Brian Kerr

7 Cuchulainn, SCCYC, Corrected Time 13:29:35

Robert Dekker

8 Blueflash, TPYC, Corrected Time 13:33:56

Scott Grealish

9 Halawa, PLYC/CRA, Corrected Time 13:37:12

Kimo Winterbottom

10 Triumph, NHYC, Corrected Time 13:39:52

Steve Sellinger

11 Day Dreams, OCC SA, Corrected Time 13:40:52

Robert Day, Stan Gibbs

12 Groundhog Day, CYC, Corrected Time 13:41:13

Rich Festa, Tony Festa

13 Vigilante, LBYC, Corrected Time 13:47:16

Raymond Godwin

14 Tiburon, CYC, Corrected Time 13:49:09

Craig Steele

15 Andreas, WYC, Corrected Time 13:57:00

Bernt Helgaas

16 Problem Child, BCYC/SHYC, Corrected Time 13:59:12

Dan Rossen, Richard Whiteley

17 It’s OK, BYC, Corrected Time 14:08:43

Purcell, Rose, Thompson, Newman

18 Buttercup, CRA, Corrected Time 14:12:30

Roderick Messinger

19 Spin Doctor, PLYC/CRA, Corrected Time 14:14:10

Paul Farrell, Chris Winnard

20 Kibosh, CorsYC, Corrected Time 14:14:21

Steven Mee, Marissa Mee

21 Day Tripper II, SIBYC, Corrected Time 14:19:35

Andy Horning

22 Ralphie, StFYC, Corrected Time 14:23:04

Peter Pillsbury

23 Sam, CYC, Corrected Time 14:30:50

Jerome Sammarcelli

24 Bolt, BYC, Corrected Time 14:33:10

Craig Reynolds

25 Radical Departure, BYC, Corrected Time 14:42:41

Gator Cook, Mark Rosena

26 Kite 35, RLWYC, Corrected Time 14:44:48

David Nelson

27 Aimant de Fille, DWYC/TPYC, Corrected Time 14:54:31

Steven Ernest, Oliver Ernest

28 Obsidian, CYC, Corrected Time 14:55:49

John Staff

29 Dreamline, AYC, Corrected Time 14:59:29

David Newland

30 Amante, LIYC, Corrected Time 15:01:05

Tim Richley

AYC-Anacapa Yacht Club, BCYC-Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, BYC-Balboa Yacht Club, CorsYC-Corsica Yacht Club, CRA-Cortez Racing Association, CYC-Catalina Yacht Club, DPYC-Dana Point Yacht Club, DRYC-Del Rey Yacht Club, DWYC-Dana West Yacht Club, LBYC-Long Beach Yacht Club, LIYC-Lido Isle Yacht Club, NHYC-Newport Harbor Yacht Club, OCC SA-OCC Sailing Association, PLYC-Port Ludlow Yacht Club, RLWYC-Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club, SBYC-Santa Barbara Yacht Club, SCCYC-South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, SDYC-San Diego Yacht Club, SHYC-Stage Hill Yacht Club, SIBYC-Seal Beach Yacht Club, SMWYC-Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club, StFYC-St. Francis Yacht Club, TPYC-Transpacific Yacht Club, WYC-Westlake Yacht Club

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