This is as close as we can come to actually singing to our readers on their birthdays!

We’d love to include yours – and/or your children’s birthdays here.

Just email to:

Celebrate and enjoy your birthday!

June 4: Marilyn Gilmore Gust

June 5: Kevin Sanchez, Qierre McGlory

June 6: Bill Cote, Jennifer Smith, Rita Bradley

June 7: Aditi Sharma, Beverly McKeehan, Jenelle Bader, Jennifer Handy, Julie D. Summers, Sharran Srivatsaa, Sophia Rangel

June 8: Jack V. Kroul (100 yrs. – 2024), John Bois, Rafael Suleiman, Shari Ten Eyck

June 9: Blake Davis, Katherine Daigle, Nancy Osco, Tim Stoaks

June 10: Bob Knapp, Cathy Wagner, Cindy Southwestoc, Maureen Davison, Patty W. Carpenter, Ronnie Guyer, Steve Kalatschan


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