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Courtesy of NBPD

Home Security Tips while You’re on Vacation

With summer’s arrival, vacation plans may be in the near future for you and your family. While you are packing your bags and preparing to travel, do not forget to make sure you have security measures in place for the time that you’ll be away. An empty home can be an appealing target for a burglar. Take these steps to make your home safer while you’re away:

–Take steps to make your home look “lived in.” Use timers so that lights, radios and televisions go on and off throughout the house, to give the appearance that someone is home.

–Have a neighbor or friend pick up mail, packages and newspapers.

–Continue your gardening service or have a neighbor maintain your lawn in your absence.

–Install and use good locks on all windows and doors.

–Never leave a house key under a doormat, in a flowerpot, or on the ledge of a door. These are the first places that a burglar will look.

–Don’t advertise that your home is empty. Be mindful of the outgoing message on your voicemail/answering machine, public social media posts, etc.

Consider requesting a Vacation Check while you’re away. More Home Security Tips from NBPD are available here.

This series is courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department.