Fast facts from Newport Beach Police to keep our community safe

A series courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department

Courtesy of NBPD

Pickpocket Awareness

It doesn’t often cross our minds that pickpockets operate in places where we go about our daily routines. Because we feel comfortable in our hometowns and familiar surroundings, we can easily let our guard down and leave ourselves vulnerable to this kind of theft. The truth is that pickpocket incidents and distraction thefts happen in parking lots, grocery stores and other public spaces – even in Newport Beach.

Pickpockets typically take advantage of a moment when their victim is not paying attention. They may even create a distraction to get an opportunity to snatch your wallet, phone or purse. Often times, pickpockets will work in pairs or groups – one (or more) in the crew act as a decoy, while the other grabs the victim’s property.

A few tips to avoid being a victim of pickpocketing:

–If you carry a purse, choose one that secures at the top – preferably with a zipper.

–If you set your purse in the shopping cart, buckle it in with the child safety belt and make sure the top is zipped closed.

–When carrying your purse on your shoulder, make sure that you carry it next to you or in front of you – never behind you.

–Keep valuables, especially your wallet, in the bottom of your bag.

–Be aware when a stranger gets into your personal space.

–After you pay or retrieve something from your purse, remember to take a moment to secure your wallet and purse again.

–Whenever you are out and about, always try to keep your property in your line of sight.


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